Who am I ?

Far away from from usual habbits and conventions, the greatest part of my artistical activity takes place in-or close to nature. I have been carving by hand in the Vosges or by the Orleans forests, in the Ornans valley and on the Colonnata mountain.

I built my first sculpture studio in a country side of Lunigiana, and then up above a Carrara mountain-on the border between the famous quarries and the virgin mountain.

Minerals offer a huge diversity and infinite possibilities.

Soft onyx, extremely delicate white marbles, iron or carbon composed black marbles, coloured limestones, capricious breccias, granits, quartzites or jaspers; all of these rocks have their specific mass and properties, their own energy that make them real over their appearence.

Stones sound.

I create sculptures to relieve, to make one smile, to make one dream, to deliver pleasure.

If I carve all of these stones, it is to spread happiness over space, and time.



"Understand the nature of the stone and sublimate its essence.

Find good proportions.
Find the right weight, balance lightness in order to make the piece strong and sensitive.


Create shapes in space, and space in shapes.


Play with light and reflections, open windows on other dimensions.


Find movement within stillness.

Each stone is a piece of dream. It is an energetic fine particle, a frozen wave in time, an half of a star or a coal issued from the heart of the earth; Dantean vision or brightness of the breaking dawn.

Don't look for any meaning, just feel it.

I found something in each one of these rocks,

an animal, someone, a movement, a sight,

one light.

These pieces of dreams and life, these fragments of joy now stand for you."


Laurent Guyolot is born a self-taught artist. He begins doing small sculptures out of wood. Then he discovers soft stones before leaving his hometown  Orléans to reach Besançon. There he takes part to the Arcadia artistic collective on the late 90s. He passes on granit and hard limesones. He graduates and works then as a stone carver, and comes to Spain (Murcia) where he gets employed as a granit polisher. Arrived in Carrara in 2001, he stays there for 16 years. A constant practice among local craftmen and international artists affords him to develop his skills in all fields of sculpture.

Enzoyote is now present in Europe, Switzerland and United states.



Enzoyote : This pseudonym is a mix between his name in italian, Lorenzo, and Coyote, the "totem animal" which followed him for years.